Email Lead Generation Marketing

Connecting You with Your Qualified Prospects.

Who Benefits From Our Lead Gen?

Whether you are a Real Estate Developer, Insurance Agent, Gym or Yoga Studio, Realtor, Senior Assisted Living Facility or Home Contractor, the hardest part of your marketing efforts is getting an audience with your Qualified Prospects. You know that if you can get in front of your perfect qualified prospects you can make the sale. You hustle harder, you have better products and services, but the problem is just getting in front of the right people. What if those people asked YOU to contact THEM?! How much more business would you do?

Identifying Your Prospects

At iMoxie we quickly identify your prospects, in our 200 million intelligent record database, based on their profile and from our consumer file using 300 unique filters match them to your business needs. From our business file we can filter to your prospects based on their title, industry, size of company (revenue and number of employees) and of course geography.

Your eMail Marketing Campaign

We then select 20 to 30 thousand qualified prospects and we will send them a series of personalized emails that appear to come directly from you introducing your services. Each of the emails will encourage the reader to click through to a landing page we build specifically about your business . When they arrive at the landing page they will view a short video about your company and services. Then when a prospect would like to get more information they simply click the submit button on the form that has their information pre-populated. We forward the warm to hot lead to you, giving you the opportunity to most effectively sell your services.

Private Schools

We enable schools to reach their exact target family efficiently and economically with their message. We will quickly reach thousands of qualified families to present your school’s opportunities. Your admissions director will be giving tours to financially qualified families, not spending their time developing low results/high costs advertising in magazines or on air or direct mail programs.


Accountants & Financial Planners

Whether you are an Accountant or a Financial Planner targeting business owners or CEOs. The hardest part of your marketing efforts is getting an audience with your qualified prospects. You know that if you can get in front of your best prospects you can make the sale. You hustle harder, you have better products and services, but the problem is just getting in front of the right people. What if those customers asked YOU to contact THEM? How much more business would you do?

Health Care and Veterinary Care Industries

We can provide you email access to your exact potential patients, in your exact area, and then automate all of your online and email marketing for you. Whether you are a chiropractor targeting athletes or middle aged men in a specific demographic we can e can tailor and deliver your messages to that specific audience. Or if you are a veterinarian and only want your marketing to reach people who own a cat or dog in a specific geographic area -- it’s no problem to be that targeted with your advertising dollars. How about a concierge Doctor who would like to reach only high income people to increase your practice. We can tailor that campaign as well.


Country Clubs

We can identify your financially qualified prospects within a reasonable commute to your club and develop an email campaign that highlights your club encouraging your prospects to click to a landing page. The landing page we develop will be unique for your club with a short video to give the prospect a visual image of what it would be like to be a member. Then they request more information using the pre-populated form and you schedule them for a tour. It will be that simple.

Again our process works equally as well for professional service providers like insurance agents, financial planners or physicians and just about any business trying to reach a highly defined demographic area to introduce their services. At iMoxie Marketing Solutions, everything we do is completely CAN SPAM ACT compliant and our database is comprised of 100% opt in email addresses.

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Our Services

We will help you grow your business by leveraging your expertise in the industry with our expertise in each area of your Digital Marketing plan. To drive the highest profits through digital marketing, you need several strategies working in sync online. Our team of experts will build and manage your online marketing solutions to take your business to the next level of success.


Paid Advertising

Paid advertising is a foundational element to any small business marketing plan. Your Facebook ad or Google Adwords are often the way consumers first discover your business, and learn more about the products and services you offer


Reputation Management

91% of people read customer reviews to determine the quality of a local business. You must remind your customers to leave reviews, and you must respond to those reviews. Strive for a 4-5 star rating to establish trust and credibility. It will make all the difference in the world for your business.


Social Media Marketing

People follow their favorite companies on social media to discover entertaining content, give feedback, and get a first look at new products/services. Keep your followers engaged to grow your audience and build brand loyalty


Websites and Apps

Your website has become your primary point for driving or hurting your growth and profits. If your site does not immediately address your prospect’s needs, they will bounce and look for the infomation they seek somewhere else.


Visibility & SEO

It should be easy for your business to be found online, but this can often be easier said than done. Being found by consumers is a race with your direct competitors because the first to be found is likely the one that gets the business. See how that can be you.


Customer Engagement

Today’s customers are more informed, and more empowered than ever before. In order to win your buyers trust in the information age you must be relevant, conversational, informative, engaging, and coordinated across all your digital platforms.