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Learn More About Your Market and how to Dominate it

Success in business has a lot to do with knowing something others do not know.

Knowing the InMarket Leads in your local market in real time will be your new competitive edge

In any market, only about 3% of the prospects are actually ready to use your service.

7% Open to Buy, but not looking
30% Not thinking about it
30% Think they aren’t interested
30% Know they aren’t interested

We will focus your Marketing dollars exclusively on the 3% of prospects who are

  1. InMarket
  2. Have been to your website or social media hubs
  3. New or returning to the marketplace

Learn More about our Process

Objective #1 Personal Injury Law Practice Development Essentials Learn more about the Proprietary process we use to identify the right list of ideal prospects that need your help… get them to contact YOU AND automate your client lead flow so you don’t spend hours every week chasing prospects!

Objective #2 Advanced Client Appointment Scheduling for Law Practices:

Objective # 3 We will review our exact strategies for getting you scheduled with the best potential clients in your market. You will see first hand what it takes to start conversations, win exclusive leads and get more prospective clients on the phone with you.

Due to the extensive research done for each of our partner clients, we have limited territories and only work with one Law Firm in each territory. This technology can work for you or it can work for one of your competitors in your market. We hope it’s you. Let’s chat soon! Schedule your 15 minute Demo Today!

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