About Us

We Help Small to Mid-Sized Businesses Increase Their Profits by Attracting and Converting more Prospects with Digital Marketing

Our Story

Finding, engaging and keeping your customers has become more challenging in this digital age. With the increased availability of services and products at the click of a button, it is increasingly difficult for businesses to distinguish themselves from their competition.

At iMoxie Marketing & Business Solutions, we recognize the challenges but understand the amazing potential of your business to meet and exceed your business objectives. Our goal is to work with you to use digital marketing to engage your customers where they are, and to drive the profitable growth needed for your success.


  • Creating Your Brand Identity
  • Driving Your Lead Generation
  • Providing Online Marketing Services
  • Managing Your Search Engine Optimization
  • Creating Beautiful Websites & Apps


Why Us?

What does it take to grow your business to the next level? It takes a team!  At iMoxie, we have a dedicated team with years of experience in Email Customer Lead Generation, Paid Social Media Advertising,  Web Design and Applications, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing and Management, and Customer Engagement. We are committed to partnering with you to get you in front of your customers, keep them when they get there, and to beat your competition.  Growing your profits is our number one objective!

Accelerate your profits by taking your online digital marketing to the next level.

We use our years of experience to maximize your online marketing so that you can focus your time and energies on the things that you do best.

You will receive full-scale reports on the productivity of our digital marketing activities and we will make the ongoing adjustments to maximize your ROI.

We stand by our work 100% to ensure that we deliver on our commitments to your success

Our Skills

We will help you grow your business by leveraging your industry expertise and overlaying our 15 plus years of digital marketing success. IMoxie Marketing will build and manage your online marketing solutions to help you dramatically improve your:

Review and Reputation
Customer Lead Generation
Paid Social Media Advertising
Web & App Design and Development
Social Media Marketing

Get Your Free Report: How Is My Business Performing On Line?

Know your online marketing performance in 5 Key Areas!

  • Business Listings: How well can your customers and prospects find you online
  • Reviews & Reputation: What is your Reputation online and what are your reviews compared to your competition?
  • Social Media: How does your Social Media presence stack up against your competition?
  • Website: Leverage Google PageSpeed insights to assess your site's Mobile Responsiveness, Content, Load Speed
  • Digital Advertising: Uncover golden opportunities for your business with search, social and display advertising

Our Customers

We work with some of the best in the business.
Professional services delivered on time.

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  • Digesta
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